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Are you bored at your current job?
Does your work seem the same year after year?
Do you have little to show for all your years of work?
Do you get the recognition that you feel you deserve?
Do you play a major role in the technical direction your company chooses?
Are you tired of not being heard?
Is your work environment a big bureaucracy?
Does your work environment have the flexibility to make fast changes in response to a fast changing marketplace?
Are you tired of the same old politics?
Do you get involved in the major architectural and front end decisions for your company's most important products?
Are you a key player at your company?
Do you have an impact on your own destiny?
Do you have a regular flow of new design opportunities come your way regularly?
Do you have the opportunity to perform lots of diverse tasks in your current position?
Are you tired of working on "small pieces" of the big picture?
Are you tired of working on someone else's design?
Are you challenged enough?
Are you getting the responsibility that you feel you can handle?
Is your work environment fun?
Do you see the fruits of your labor?
Are you tired of being surrounded by mediocre talent?
Are you tired of running into mass unexpected layoffs or cancelled projects?
Are you surrounded by some of the best and brightest engineers in your industry?
Are you working on the hottest technology in the forefront of your industry?
Do you want to be a key designer of a product that will be highly visable in the marketplace?
Are you in a situation where you can complete a design that can be the greatest achievement of your life?
Are you working on a product that the world needs right now?
Do you want to be a part of changing the world?
Are you technically growing at a fast pace which makes you highly marketable?
Is your work environment dynamic and exciting?
Are you working in an environment where everyone is truly dedicated to the same common goals of creating company success?
Do you own enough stock in your present company where you feel pride of ownership?
Are you getting a great return on your investment of your skills, time, and effort?
Do you have the potential for tremendous financial rewards on the stock you own?
Will you get rich if the product you helped design hits a homerun?

Have you checked off more than just a few items?

If you are like most, you have.

Don't stay in the doldrums and get left behind. Be proactive. Take charge of your career. Improve your life. Make a difference. Be a winner.


The opportunity of a lifetime is searching for you right now!

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